Endorsements 2

Redmond Mayor John Marchionne
Redmond Council President Angela Birney
Former Redmond Councilmember Kim Allen
Former Redmond Councilmember Tom Flynn
Former Redmond Councilmember Byron Shutz
Former Redmond Councilmember Arnie Tomac
Former Redmond Councilmember Pat Vache
Former Redmond Councilmember John Stilin
King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci
Lake Washington School District Boardmember Siri Bliesner
Redmond Planning Commissioner Roy Captain
Tukwila Councilmember Kate Kruller
Former Arts and Culture Commissioner Lara Lockwood
Issaquah Council President Tola Marts
Former State Representative and Renton Mayoral Candidate Marcie Maxwell
Redmond Planning Commissioner Sherri Nichols
Duvall Mayor Amy Ockerlander
Renton Councilmember Ed Prince
State Representative and Former Issaquah Councilmember Bill Ramos
Bellevue Councilmember John Stokes
Covington Mayor Jeff Wagner
State Representative and Former Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen
Eric Margeson
Bev Doleac
Jeff Ibsen
Samantha Ibsen
Bob Kowal
Doreen Kowal
Mike Fisher
Chelsea Margeson
Patti Margeson
Shawn Roland
Sue Shutz
Kitty Vache
Debbie Marchione